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Anzac Hall

Anzac Hall

Anzac Hall

Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Exhibition Design. Graphic Design.

FRD-AWM-Anzac Hall-1.jpg

Interpreting artefacts with the use of lighting, large scale video projections and extensive soundscapes

FRD were engaged as lead designers to remake the permanent exhibition of the Anzac Hall, a 3000sqm space, at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. The space is used for displaying large technology relics from the Memorial’s collection. 

The exhibition involves ‘object theatre’, a technique interpreting objects with the use of lighting, large scale video projections and extensive soundscapes. FRD leads the way internationally in this form of artefact interpretation. This technique has the ability to elevate the significance of the artefact and ignite excitement.

One of the exhibition spaces, ‘Over the Front’ explores the remarkable advances in the development of aviation during WWI. The space features five original aircraft, including two rare German fighter planes brought to Australia in 1919, and dramatic light, sound and multimedia presentations. This permanent exhibition tells the story of the bravery, ingenuity and contribution of Australia’s flying squadrons during WWI.

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