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RBA 50th Anniversary


RBA 50th Anniversary

Reserve Bank of Australia, Australia

Exhibition Design. Graphic Design.

In Into the Blue, visitors navigate an immersive environmental experience introducing the richness and beauty of the Blue Mountains.

A series of temporary installations marked the Reserve Bank of Australia’s 50th anniversary in 2010

The first installation Reflections of Martin Place made use of the RBA’s extraordinary photographic archive, a collection that records the establishment of the national institutions of the Commonwealth Bank and the Reserve Bank in Martin Place. The photographs were developed as large format images and were fixed directly to the glass panels of the foyer. Lit by sunlight during the day, and a sequenced lighting installation at night, the dynamic installation was entirely reversible and was removed without detrimental affect to the building fabric. 

Spatial limitations ensured the need for rigorous planning during the design process, in order to achieve the desired emotional and intellectual impact upon the visitor. Visitor access, lighting, placement of multimedia interventions of varying sizes, and overall thematic flow were carefully tailored to this restricted context.